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The Battlefield App for Serious Players

Plan. Attack. And adapt.

All in real time.


Real situational
awareness for airsoft
and paintball


In battlefield sports, information is power. Knowing who's where–and where they're headed–is critical to achieving your mission objectives.

And while most of today's battlefield apps provide some important basic features (like live GPS data, mapping and team assignments), players have told us they're ready for more.


Enter StrikeRing™


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Battlefield visibility has never looked quite like this


StrikeRing's unique augmented reality (AR) technology is just one of the advantages it leverages to make battlefield sports more realistic, competitive and thrilling.


See the unseen


Thanks to an advanced AR overlay, continuously pinpoint key team data (including player positions and waypoints) through woods, walls and other obstacles


Set your team free


You don’t have to hire a specialized tech team to use StrikeRing at your next event: You’ll just load the app, and play where you want and how you want


Leverage military technology


StrikeRing uses technology developed specifically for professional fighting forces, meaning it will stay battle-ready through regular updates

Energizing the entire battlefield
sports community


Everyone who loves airsoft and paintball will find something to love about StrikeRing.





  • See the unseen through 360-degree, AR overlays
  • Send and receive team notifications
  • Toggle your status quickly and easily
  • Create a profile with call sign, stats, gear, etc.





  • Establish and organize teams per event
  • Easily initiate and adapt missions, routes and waypoints 
  • Monitor position-location information (PLI) 
  • Message individual players or team units





For Event

  • Create new games with specific objectives, maps/zones, etc.
  • Introduce event-based scoring systems
  • Assign event-specific roles (including referees)
  • Share game resources (schedules, rules of engagement, safety info, etc.)




For Field

  • Provide a single-point-of-contact for all event information
  • Connect easily with team leaders and players
  • Establish a convenient roster of frequently-played maps
  • Integrate event ticketing (future capability)
  • Incorporate sponsor marketing/co-promotions (future capability)


Where we're going:
The StrikeRing™ roadmap

Current Status


Though StrikeRing is still in a testing phase, we’re already introducing it to players, team leaders and field owners across the U.S. (which is why we were so excited, for example, to get firsthand feedback from the NATO and Warsaw Pact teams at Fulda Gap 2019).



Here’s where we’re headed in ensuring StrikeRing maximizes its value to airsoft and paintball players, teams, event organizers and field owners:

Q1 2020 App Research, Development and Beta Testing
Q2 2020 StrikeRing Gear Introduced
Q3 2020 App Launching in the Google Play Store (Android)
Q3 2020 App Launching in the Apple App Store (iOS)
Q4 2020 Advanced Field Owner Features
Future Smart Wearables AR Integration (watch, glasses)



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